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We now return again to the Puss in Boots Games category, since we have noticed that you still enjoy playing these games a lot, so one more will not hurt at all, don't you agree? We are very happy that there are still more awesome games that we can bring over to this category, with Puss in Boots Leaping Cat being just the latest one, and one which we hope that none will be missing out on, since otherwise you miss out on the possibility of having fun, and why would you do that? Now, we will continue by explaining what you do in this game, after which you should have no problems at all in playing it. Well, your goal is to help Puss in Boots leap past all obstacles, and enemies he encounters, during this run. Not just that, but you have to leap in order to advance, as sometimes your path is higher, and thus, you need to jump and advance. Along the way, until you reach the finish line, try your best to collect as many coins as possible, since they represent your score, and surely you want a big one, right? Start now, let the fun begin, and stay with us, since more games in this category are going to be provided to you!


Use the mouse.


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