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We now invite you to a game which we have entitled simply Hunting Game, and that is because like you are going to notice, the game is in Japanese, and so we can't really say what its actual title is. Well, that does not really matter, since the game is very easy to understand, gameplay-wise, as you would not even need to read this description to the end in order to understand what it is you have to do. Still, we recommend that you do it, so that you have no problems at all, and we have no doubt at all that you will do great at the game, and enjoy it a lot. Let us now get to it, shall we? Well, you are going to use the mouse to throw a stick at the rabbits, which you need to hunt using this method. Click on the little man, and the more you hold the mouse clicked on him, the further you throw the stick. Figure out the necessary distance you need to throw the stick in order for it to reach the bunny, and hunt it. You get points in return each time you succeed, of course! Good luck, and don't hesitate to come and play some even more awesome games on our website, since we have plenty, all of them brought for your pleasure!


Use the mouse.


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