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Super Speed Typing Jump N Run is a brilliant game that manages to combine typing games with platform games and adventure games, resulting in a really awesome experience for everyone here on our website, so we highly recommend that as many of you are going to give this game a try, as we have no doubt at all that you are going to enjoy this game a lot, and you are going to be very happy that you gave it a try. Since you are probably going to take our advice, we are now going to continue by explaining how the game works, so make sure to pay attention, and then give the game your best. Well, you are going to use the T,Y,F,J keys to move, which you type to move in all four directions. The goal is to jump and run past all obstacles and pits in your path, as well as platforms, and reach the end of each level as fast as you can. You also have lots of coins in your path, so give it your best to collect many of them, and get points in return, as we are sure you want a big score, right? That's about it, so we are wishing you all good luck, and inviting you to try even more awesome games on our website!


Use the F,T,Y,J keys.


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