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Water Scooter Mania is a brand new game that our administrative team wants to offer you all today into our category of Multiplayer Games, as well as the racing games category, since this is a racing game that features water scooters, which we are sure is an experience unlike you have had before, and the fact that you can also play it online, against other players from all over the world, is sure to make the experience even better. Of course, you can also play by yourself, but more details about all of these things we will give you up next, so make sure to continue reading. Start by choosing between the single player and multiplayer modes. Obviously, you are going to use a water scooter, which you are going to race against other scooters, so do your best to be the first one to reach the finish line. Use the WASD keys to steer it, space bar to brake, C to change camera view, and R to reset position. No matter what the races throw in your face, if you give it your best, you will get past it! Start the fun right now, only here, and stick with us, since the day only started, and more amazing games are on their way right now!


Use the WASD keys, space bar.


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