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We are very happy that today on our website we can return to the War Games category, which has been a favorite of ours ever since we have started adding content in it, so you can count on us being very happy that today we are sharing with you not one, but two new such games, starting with this one, called Battlefields World War II, which is one of the best ever World War 2 Games we have played in this category, so why would you not try it out as well? To convince you to do so, we explain how it works, so if you read this, you will enter it prepared, and be ready to give it your best. You are going to use the WASD keys to move, E to enter a tank or a jeep, and the mouse to aim and fire, weather it will be your gun, or the weapons on the jeep or tank you have entered in. Obviously, what you have to do is go around and take out all enemy forces that you encounter, and always be the first one to shoot, since they will try to take you out as well, and surely you don't want that happening, right? Good luck to you, and if you like these games, don't leave, since very soon a second one is going to be added here!


Use the WASD keys, E key, mouse.


Battlefields World War II Walkthrough

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