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Minecraft Games is without a doubt the most popular category of games we have on our website, so of course we are very happy whenever we can return with new and awesome content for it, just like we are doing right in this instant, when everyone is invited to check out the game called Minecraft Pocket Edition, which is a version of this game we are sure you will be enjoying a lot, just like we have had, because that was the primary reason for bringing the game over in the first place. Now, we are going to continue by telling you more about how the game works, so we recommend reading this to the end before you start playing! Just like you would do in the real game, you are going to go around, crafting things, getting new resources, and explore. Build whatever you want to, and we are sure you have plenty of ideas. Move with the arrows, space to jump, mouse to place and mine items, the numbers to select items, T to throw an item, and C to add a tree. There is a whole world waiting for you, with lots of fun waiting, so start the game right now, and you will not regret it, for sure!


Use the arrows, space bar, mouse, number keys, T and C keys.


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misa 30.08.2019 18:06


khairul.amri@adk.gov 15.08.2019 07:56

built the home

henrique 10.06.2019 10:42


candy 15.01.2019 18:33

it is ok but i hate it

candy 15.01.2019 18:32

it is ok but not good at all

P.j 25.10.2018 17:18

It is epic!!!

Rodolfo 24.08.2018 02:29


xoteminegirl 20.08.2018 18:45

the game is good

markell 20.08.2018 03:38


Natasha 18.08.2018 19:35


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