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We are going to be returning to the War Games category on our website as often as we can, as we believe these strategy games and action games are some of the best ones that we have, and we want to be able to offer our visitors as many awesome games for boys as possible, to make our website better and better by the day. The game with which we are returning to this category today is this one, called Throne Defender, where it will be your task to protect the throne during the war because if it gets taken over, you lose it. Allow us to explain all you have to do in this game right here so that you can begin having fun immediately! Using the resources you have available, you have to build your base, because the stronger it is, the harder it is to be taken over. You should also raise an army, and try to keep it well fed and happy so that they are always ready to battle. Fight when you are being attacked, and protect the throne, but also go out and try to conquer new territories yourself, by destroying enemy bases. That is it, so good luck to anyone playing, and we hope you have a great time, just like we have had!


Use the mouse.


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