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We are not done with adding new Mixels Games for you today, as just now you are going to be able to play the game called Flexers, which is the latest game in the category, presenting you with another new race from the Mixels world. The Flexers are based on rubber, they live in Sproingylands, and they can stretch their bodies. They are orange, and the tribe is led by Kraw. This is a very interesting skill game, but also a platform or arcade game, and we are going to teach you how to play it right now, so you will know what you have to do. The flexer will be transported up on a ledge, and you have to get as high as possible. On the way, there will be all kinds of rocks and obstacles in the way, which is why you will press Z and X to change the form of the flexer so he gets through. You will move the ledge the flexer is sitting on with the arrow keys, and with the space bar you can shoot the rocks, which you can also destroy and get points in return. We hope that you will manage not to lose the game, and that you will find it to be very enjoyable. Good luck to you all, and we wish you all the best!


Use the arrow keys, space bar and Z and X keys.

Flexers Walkthrough

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