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If you missed playing new Zootopia Games, then you must be happy that the most recent game that our team has added for all of you here is a game belonging to this category, and it is a game which is called Judy Tooth Problems. Judy Hopps is the main character of the film, but also of this game, where you will play the role of dentist, and help her with her teeth problems. Police officers need to be very careful with their appearance, and their teeth need to be in the best condition possible, which is why she came to you for help today. It will be very easy and fun to solve Judy's tooth problems, so just read the description, and afterwards, begin to play the game. On the right side of the game screen you will find one of the tools which you have to use. Click with it on Judy's mouth, and when you are done with it, put it back. Then, press the arrow underneath it, and then take the next tool, so that you use them all, and step by step, make Judy's teeth perfect once again. She will be very happy and showcase her new teeth by smiling all the time, and all because of you. We wish you good luck, inviting you to try other Zootopia Games as well!


Use the mouse.

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