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You didn't thought we were done with adding new Mixels Games today, were you? Well, we are not done, as a third and final game from the category was just prepared for you, a game which is called Wiztastics, and we hope that you will come and play it right away, only on www.friv-games-today.com, the best place for all your favorite Lego Games! The Wiztastics are very special, as they are a tribe based on magic, and all the three live in a tent, where they put on magic shows for the other mixels, and they are purple. This game that feautres the three mixels is a jumping game, and we are now going to explain to you how to play it, so pay attention! The three mixels have to collect the crystals, magic energy and other things like that which are in the air. The first mixel on the right jumps the lowest, the second jumps higher, and the mixel that jumps highest is the third one. Depending on how high the object they need to get is, you will click on that wistastic, and make him get it. Like that, try to get as many poins as possible, and don't miss any object. We wish you good luck!


Use the mouse.

Wiztastics Walkthrough

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Dominick 26.07.2018 12:53

it’s the Best

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