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We have seen how much you have been enjoying the Monster Truck Games we have brought you on our website, so it is with tremendous excitement that right now you are all invited to check out the first of three such games we will provide you with today, a game entitled 4 Wheel Madness, which we believe you will have plenty of fun with, since we have already had by playing it, which is what prompted us to bring it over for you in the first place. Before you begin playing it, we recommend that you read the following part of this description to the end, which will help you play it with ease! Obviously, we are going to start with the keys you need to use to control your monster truck, and those are the arrow keys, of course. Your goal is to reach the finish line, without crashing the car, and along the way, collect as many letters as possible, to get points in return, which we are sure that you want to have as many of as possible, right? Now that you know how to play the game as well, nothing should stand in front of you trying it out right now, and maybe playing even more of these games on our website after, since we have plenty of them available!


Use the arrows.


4 Wheel Madness Walkthrough

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