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Today on our website we have promised everyone that we would be bringing you three new awesome Monster Truck Games, which is what we are very happy we get the opportunity of doing right now, when each and every one of you are invited to check out the game called Crazy Truck, a game with which we have no doubt at all you are going to have a blast with, since it is because we have enjoyed it so much that we decided to bring it over in the first place. Now, since we already know what you are supposed to do in it, we explain right here, after which it should be easy for you to play it! Firstly, all of you just want to know the controls that you need to use in driving the monster truck, and they are very simple: the four arrow keys. You have to always advance, and use your truck to go on ramps, flip and do tricks, and get as farther as possible without crashing, because that means losing the game. You are being timed on the whole level, so try your best to reach the end of it as fast as possible and make very good time! Good luck, and we hope you stick with us and play even more awesome games here today!


Use the arrows.


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