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Well, did we not promise that today you would get not one, but two new awesome Codename Kids Next Door Games? Well, as you can see, we always keep our promises, which is why right in this instant you all get the chance of playing the game called Numbuh 2 and the Milk, which is the first ever game from this category that only focuses on Number 2, one of the main characters in the show, who has a mission involving milk that you have to take part in. Now, we are going to explain what you do in the game, as well as how, making sure that you are not going to have problems playing the game. Your goal will be to reach the top silo and open the door there. Collect pieces of junk as you go along, and avoid rockets and flying machines, which are being sent by the flu bug machine. Use the right and left arrows to run, down to duck, and up to jump or go upstairs, while you use the space bar for action or flying. There will be power-ups as you go along, so do not hesitate to grab them! Good luck to you, and when you are done we hope you stick around and try other of the great new games we have brought you here today!


Use the arrows, space bar.


Numbuh 2 and the Milk Walkthrough

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