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In our category of Cloud Games we right now return with yet another amazing skill game for you to play, which at the same time is also one of the latest Minions Games we have, and Star Wars Games, since in it, you will have a minion that is inspired by Luke Skywalker, and the game is heavily inspired by this world, with minions characters having designs just like in Star Wars. Awesome, right? It definitely is! Since the title does not give away what you have to do in the game, allow us to explain here, after which you should be able to easily play this game! Well, the minion is going to go up and down on the two boards, one on top and one on the bottom, and along the way you grab stars and get points in return for them. If you see enemies coming in your path, click, and then you are going to be pulled back to the nearest board, and you have to do so, because bumping into the enemies means losing the game and having to start all over again. Instead, the longer you survive, the more points you are going to get, for sure! Good luck, and we hope you stick around and play even more of our brilliant games afterward!


Use the mouse.


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