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Ever since we have created it, every day we have made sure to bring you new Kids Next Door Games, which is what we are very happy we are doing today as well, when each and every one of you are invited to check out the game that is called Kids Next Door Tummy Trouble, which is a game different from everything else that you have played here before, and precisely for that reason we knew that it needed to be added, as we know that our visitors are always looking to have fresh and interesting new experiences. Now, in this following part of the description you will learn what you have to do, so do not hesitate to read it to the end! One of your objectives is going to be to destroy containers and find the keycard hidden in each level, and another one would be to use the card to access each level's control room. Neutralize mutant food to get points in return, you have a map to use in navigating, do not let the gasometer fill up, and remember that you only have three lives to use in total. Move using the arrow keys, and use the mouse to fire. Start now, and we hope you have a great time like only here is possible!


Use the mouse and arrow keys.


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