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Today on our website we are going to present you all with the Chowder Games category, which is the latest category of Cartoon Network Games we have created for our website, and where we plan on bringing you multiple cool games to play, each of them is highly recommended, and we are positive that you are going to love playing each and every one of them, which is why we believed that this category had a place on our website. The Great Chowder Escape is the game with which we begin, so allow us to explain how it goes right here and now, after which it should be easy to play it! You have to help Chowder out by letting him eat the treats, and at the same time, avoid the panini. To move the character around the maze, you are going to use the four arrow keys. If you go through the stairs, you can get Chowder to go through the other side of the screen, but remember to be careful of them, since panini can get through too. Depending on the treats you eat, the number of points you will get is different from one to another. It's just like Pac-man games online, only way better. Let the fun begin, then, only here, where it never stops!


Use the arrows.


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