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Of course we are returning today as well into the Pac Man Games category of our website, because we have only recently created it, and there are still plenty more awesome games that we can bring you all for free in it, games we would not want even one of you to miss out on, because that only means missing out on the chance to have fun, and why would you want that? Wehave also noticed that previous games of this category have been very well received, so the same is bound to become true of Pacs Jungle Trip, especially after you learn how it works by reading this to the end. Well, you move the character using the arrow keys, and you have to get some items from each maze, and then reach the next one. Along your path, eat as many of the little dots as possible, for points. Your time is decreasing as you go, so try to be as fast as possible too. There are going to be ghosts roaming around, and you cannot let them touch you, because if that happens, you lose a life, and your lives are limited. Good luck to you, and we hope you have a real blast playing this game!


Use the arrows.


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