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For all Mixels fans out there, our team has added a new game just for you, a game which is called Lego Mixels, and which is a game from the Mixels Games category unlike any other one you have played before. The Mixels are a race of creatures which are made up of cubes, and they all have different colours, different shapes, and they live in tribes, tribes that consist of mixels of the same type. The interesting thing about the mixels is that just like with other Lego proprieties, their cubits can mix with one another, even if they are from different tribes, and they create new mixels. Well, these combinations will be the focus of this game, and you are now going to learn how to play it, so pay attention. On the game screen you will be presented with a mixel made up of two different mixels. On the bottom side of the screen, you will see multiple mixels, and you will have to click on the two which you think were combined to make the bigger mixel. Look at it's features, and then at the features of the little mixels, and you will spot them right away, for sure. With a little bit of attention, you will do great, so start playing the game right now!


Use the mouse.

Lego Mixels Walkthrough

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