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The Marvel Rising Secret Warriors Games category is the latest category of Marvel Games, Superheroes Games, and Disney XD Games that we have created for our website, and we are very happy that we have done so, because you are going to have a really fun time here, and because we are positive that there are lots and lots of interest in these games from you all, so surely you are happy to see that our website is the first one to share these games with each and every one of you. Now, we explain what it is you do in this game, called Which Secret Warrior Are You, after which it should be very easy to play it! Well, there are several main characters in this movie, each with their own powers, and personalities. Surely you must be curious whose is the more similar to yours, no? Well, take this quiz, where you choose one of the available answers for each of the questions that you receive, and at the end, after answering the whole quiz, you find out which character are you more alike, and we are positive you will be happy with the answer. Let the fun begin right now, only here, where fun never actually stops!


Use the mouse.


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