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Mine Box is the latest game with which we are making our return to the Minecraft Games category, which is a category of games we are very excited about, since it is one of the most visited ones of our website, which means that bringing new games into it is always a great idea, and it is a great idea today as well, when we invite each and every one of you to check out a game called Mine Box, which is going to be unlike anything else you already played here before, and precisely for that reason we want you to check it out. Let's tell you what you do in it, making sure you do just great at it! You are going to start things off by creating your character. If you click on a block, you are able to remove it, make it smaller or bigger, and use it to build things, or simply get resources. Move using the arrows, and jump with the spacebar. There are going to block you need to avoid at all costs, or you lose part of your life, and you need to remember your life is limited. Good luck to each and every one of you, and we hope that you stick around, since we have plenty more awesome games to offer, and it would be a shame to miss them!


Use the arrows, spacebar.


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