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Mac Snowman is the second and final game we are very happy to be sharing with you all on our website today into the Pac Man Games category, which we have been working very hard on ever since we created it, and we are sure that our work is making many of you very happy, just like it should, since the games are really awesome, something we can guarantee from experience. The same applies to this one, which brings the classic game of pacman and gives it a new setting for you to enjoy. Let us explain more about what you do right here, after which playing the game should be quite easy! To move through the maze you use the arrow keys. The goal you have is to eat all of the dots in it, in order to win. Make sure to avoid the ghosts, four in total, each with a different color, because every time they touch you, you lose a life, and only three lives are available to you. If you grab and eat the candy canes, you get the ability to temporarily eat the ghosts, so make sure to be on the lookout for them. Good luck to all, as we hope you have a great time!


Use the arrows.


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