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We believe the Io Games category here to be one of the most beloved categories of multiplayer games from our website, so of course, we are excited that we get to return to it right here and now, by offering each and every one of you a game called Gladiators Io, which at the same time is also one of the newest gladiator fighting games we have here, which we are sure you will enjoy plenty, since multiplayer fighting games have always been very well received. Right here and now we explain what you have to do and how in this game, so do not worry about a thing! Enter a nickname for yourself, and then enter the server, and start fighting. You move around the arena using the mouse, simply moving it in the direction you want to go towards, and when you want to attack, approach another player, and click the left mouse button. Give it your best so that you get as many kills as possible, instead of getting yourself killed by other players since everyone is out to get the others in this game. Start right now, enjoy your time here, and we hope you stick around since this day will be filled with one amazing game after the other!


Use the mouse.


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