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Dear visitors of our website, we know very well that Minecraft Games is one of the most beloved categories of games we have on our website, so the chance of bringing you a new game on this page is something that we make sure to take every time we have the chance, so right now we are offering you all the opportunity of playing a game entitled World Crafts, with which we are positive you are going to have lots and lots of fun with, just like we have had, because that was why we wanted it here in the first place. Of course, we explain right here and now what it is you have to do, so make sure to read this all carefully! In this game, you move using the W, A, S, D keys, and you use the mouse to interact with the world around you, primarily the blocks. You have the freedom of roaming the world to your liking and using blocks you have mined to build other things, as the environment is totally up to you because just like in the original Minecraft game, you can build whatever you want to with the blocks. To do so, use the tools at your disposal, as well as the resources. Start now, and let the fun begin!


Use the mouse and W, A, S, D keys.


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Irdina 26.11.2018 11:52

The so best i like it

Amanda 26.11.2018 11:46

Very best

Alison7dog 13.10.2018 21:12

!1st the game wont really load !2nd mindcraft is spost to be fun this is just flat out boaring so theres my answer

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