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The Cloud Games category has always been a great host for as many awesome and new puzzle games as possible, which is why right now we want to share with you all a brand new such game from this category, a game that is entitled Pipe Mania, and which we believe you are all going to have an amazing time with, since pipe games have always been quite popular, and this is a high-quality game, which there is no way at all you will not enjoy. Now, we want to make sure you do great at it, so allow us to explain right here what you are supposed to do, after which it should be easy to play the game! You are going to have two ends for the piping system, and multiple pipes to connect them. The thing is, the pipes are not connected, and there is lots of space between them. That is why you click on pipes to rotate them, rotating them in order to put them all together, until you connect the two red ends of the system. When you do that, click on play, to have the water run through it. Good luck, and we really hope you have a great time, just like you do with all the games we provide you here for free!


Use the mouse.


Pipe Mania Walkthrough

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