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It is with great joy that right in this instant we get the opportunity of returning to the Alvin and the Chimpmunks Games category, which is a category of Nickelodeon Games that so far has been quite well received, so we are positive that you are going to enjoy this brand new game we offer you in it a lot, a game that is called Alvin Skateboard Expert, which at the same time is also one of the latest skateboarding games we have for you all. Now, we are going to explain how the game works, so when you are done reading this, there is no doubt at all you are going to do a terrific job! Alvin is always going to move forward using his skateboard, and you are going to have two buttons with which you can modify his run. One, the button on the right you are going to use to jump, and the one at the left you use to perform tricks. Click on them when you need to. In each level, give it your best to collect as many of the coins as possible, because the more that you have, the bigger your score becomes, and we are sure that you want a big one, right? Good luck, and we hope you have a great time, as always!


Use the mouse.


Alvin Skateboard Expert Walkthrough

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