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If you love adventure games and action games, or even better, shooting games, then the next game that we have added for you belonging to the Big Hero 6 Games category is going to be a real joy for you to play, as it fits all these categories, and like all the games in this category, this is also going to be a very fun one. In this game, Baymax is the member of the Big Hero 6 with which you are going to play, and he needs your help to defeat different aliens that have come to our planet, and we are now going to show you how you will be able to do that! First of all, let's get the controls down: with the W,A,D keys you are going to move Baymax, and with the mouse you will be able to shoot. There are 15 levels for you to play, and with the coins you collect, you will be able to improve Baymax's stats, so that he will be more powerful, which will help in defeating the aliens. In the first level you will only shoot boxes and get the coins or lifes that are in them, but then you will continue, and aliens will appear. Shoot them down before they get the chance to, and get the coins that drop after defeating them. Of course, the gane will get harder and harder as you advance, but we are sure that you will do a great job, and the invasion will be stopped. Good luck!


Use the W,A,D keys for moving, and the mouse to shoot.

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