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Well, we also prepared new Big Hero 6 Games for you, seeing how much you enjoyed all the other games in this category, and the first game of this category today is the game called Big Hero 6 Rescue Hostages, which is a great game for one important reason: it is a 2 player games. 2 player games are some of the most fun games ever, because you are not alone, but play with another person, so get a friend, a sibiling, a parent or grandaprent, and play together this great game we have prepared for you. For a hostage rescue situation, Baymax and Hiro are here to save the day, and you will control them to make sure eveything will turn out alright. Player 1 is going to use the W,A,D keys to move the characters, and S to activate the charger. Player 2 will use the left, right and up arrow keys to move, and the down arrow key to cancel Baymax. You will have to work together to advance to the next level, avoid all the enemies and robots in your way, and collect the required items. There are going to be traps but also objects you can use to your advantage, so do your best! Save the hostages and have a blast playing this game!


Player 1: W,A,S,D. Player 2: arrow keys.

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