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Today on our website we are very happy to be making our return into the Winnie the Pooh Games category because it was created for us to bring you more and more awesome games with these characters as often as we could, which is why today you will get to play not one of these games, but two of them actually, starting with this one, called Poohs Brain Games, which is going to be an interesting experience no doubt about it. Of course, we explain right here how the game is supposed to work, so if you read this, playing it should be a piece of cake! The three mini-games that you can play here are the following: Shape Stumper, which is about shapes, which is important for children to learn, then you have Counting Conundrum, which teaches kids about counting, and finally, we have Picture Pursuit, which is all about colors. Have no stress, because before you begin each of these games you will be shown how they work, so watch the tutorials and then give the games your very best! Waste no time at all, start the fun right now, and have fun like only here is possible!


Use the mouse.


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