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Welcome back right now to the Unblocked Games category of our website, a category that gets better and better with each new day that we bring you games on it, and that is only because we have so much great new content to share with you in it, and we are have noticed that you are not missing out on them at all, which is why today we invite you to check out the game called Shark Bait Unblocked, a game with which we believe you are going to have a great time. To make that a sure thing, allow us right here and now to explain what it is you have to do after which playing the game should be quite easy! Start by choosing between the story mode and free killing mode. You are going to be a shark swimming and looking for food, and every time you attack fish and other sea creatures, you gain energy in return, as well as points, and we are sure that you want to finish things with a big score, isn't that right? Use the arrow keys to swim, the spacebar to bite, and to dash you use the Z key. Good luck to everyone, and we hope you then check out what other cool games we have prepared for you here today, as they all rock!


Use the arrows, spacebar, Z key.


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