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Welcome each and every one of you back into the Inspector Gadget Games category, which is a category of Boomerang Games we really love a lot, and in which we are very happy that right now we get to share more cool games with each and every one of you, since we have noticed that you are liking these games quite a lot, so we figured that more of them cannot hurt anyone, which is why we knew that Descent Into Madness had to be the next game you find for free on our website. Now, in this following part of the description we explain what it is you have to do, so make sure to read this to the end! You are going to jump out of a plane together with Gadget and his trusty canine sidekick. You have to travel a certain amount of distance in each level, and you also have to collect a certain number of coins in order to pass it. You move left and right using the corresponding arrow keys, and to use more power you press the spacebar. That is everything, so we wish you all good luck and we hope you don't leave, since more awesome games are on their way right now, and missing them would be a real shame!


Use the arrows, spacebar.


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