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Just for you, we are back with brand new Big Hero 6 Games, which we know that a large number of children on our website enjoy to play, and this new first game that we have added for today in this category is called Baymax Sky Patrol, and it is a great game, unlike any of the others in the category. Baymax and the other members of the Big Hero 6 have taken San Fransokyo under their care, so they make sure all evildoers are defetead. For that, they need to patrol the sky everyday, to make sure that everything in the city is good, and you will now get the chance to do that by playing this game. Have no worries, as we will now tell you how the game is played, so you will have no problems! First of all, you will have to put on Baymax's armor, in the correct order. You will control him and Hiro with the arrow keys for flying movements, and with the space bar you will shoot. You have to get as many coins as you can during your flight, and defeat all the robots and obstacles which show up in your way, by shooting at them with the space bar. It's a unity3d game, so the graphics will be top-notch, so we hope that you will press the game right now!


Use the arrow keys and space bar.

Baymax Sky Patrol Walkthrough

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