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It really has been a long time since we have last brought our visitors any new Gumball Games on our website, so we are very happy that right now we get to share with you all the game called Gumball Parachute Adventure, especially since we know for a fact that games like it have not been added here before, meaning that if you give this game a go you are going to have a fresh experience, and something tells us that you will love it a lot. The next part of the description explains what it is you have to do, so we recommend reading it to the end before you give the game a go! Gumball is going to be traveling by plane, and you have to click on the jump button to make him jump out of it at the right time. Afterward, you also have to time the moment when you click on Chute, which is going to release the parachute so that the landing is a safe one. You have to time these two actions as well as possible so that you land in the spot that you are required to, because only then will you have cleared the level and advanced to the next one. Good luck to you, and we hope that just like us, you have a great time!


Use the mouse.


Gumball Parachute Adventure Walkthrough

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