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We know for a fact that Zombie Games are some of the most beloved ones we have on our website, so of course we are tremendously happy that right now we get to share with you all the game called Zombie Massacre, with which we believe you will be able to have an amazing time with, from start to finish, since the same can be said of our own experience with it, which has actually been the reason why we knew that we could waste no time at all, but had to bring the game over immediately. Now, we explain what you have to do in it, after which you should have no difficulties playing the game at all, trust us! Do not let yourself get killed by the zombies, protect people from them as well, and the wagon which you have been entrusted with. Equip yourself with weapons, and if you can, upgrade them whenever it is possible, to become stronger. To walk, hold the walking button, and to fire click on the firing button. Hold and release jump buttons to jump, and the longer you press them, the bigger the jump. Get next to weapon crates and break them in order to get what is in them, which will surely be helpful. Good luck!


Use the mouse.


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