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Military Defense Strike is not only one of the newest shooting games on our website, but at the same time it is also one of the latest skill games we have here and trust us when we say that it is not every day that you get to find and play games such as this one, a game we have had lots and lots of fun with from beginning to end, just like we are positive is going to be true of your experience with the game, one we really wanted you to have as well, since we loved it. We will be explaining right here what you are supposed to do in the game, so don't hesitate to read this to the end before you begin! Well, there are going to be two rows of soldiers, one on the left and one on the right. What you have to do is click on the ones that have only one type of soldier, when that soldier is there. Click and shoot only one type of soldier, getting a point every time, meaning the more you shoot correctly, the bigger your score is going to be. Once you click and shoot the wrong guy, you lose and have to start all over again, from zero points, so be very careful what you do!


Use the mouse.


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