Timon and Pumbaas Bug Trapper


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Yes, we have more new The Lion King Games in store for you, since we know for a fact that these are games that plenty of you are very interested in, just like it is going to be the case for us, since right now we have brought it to you, after we have had a great time with it ourselves, and since that was the case for us, what are the chances the same will not be applying to you as well? We use this following part of the description to teach you how to play the game, so don't hesitate to read this fully before you begin! This is a puzzle game, where you are going to be Pumbaa, and you play against Timon. You are going to use blue pieces, and he uses red ones. You have to place them on the board so that you trap the opponent's pieces, which is going to make them turn into your color. Both of you have the goal of turning more bugs into the colors they have, and if you achieve that, you will win, so think of the best strategies in placing the bugs and changing as many bugs as possible in one move. Good luck to you all, and we hope you have fun like only here is possible!


Use the mouse.


Timon and Pumbaas Bug Trapper Walkthrough

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