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The 2018 Christmas is here, and we prepared for you a great game with Santa and Rudolph! If you like the addictive games like Flappy Bird, then I'm more then sure you will love Hardest Game of Santa. Here you will need to deliver gifts to everybody, but not as usual because you run of time! We don't have time to our usual sleigh, so we took Rudolph and Santa in our newest sleigh. With it, you can fly and deliver gifts more easily and fast, but it's a problem.. we can't stop it! So, you have to drop the gift while you are in the air. Hardest Game of Santa is about timing. You need to drop the gift in the exact time so it will go right in the chimney. If you see smoke in the chimney, don't drop the gift because you will burn it. You will see that in this great game from 2018 with Santa 2019, we will travel a lot and you will find that there are different sizes for a chimney, and you got different sizes of gifts. So, a big gift will not enter into a small chimney. This game is perfect for Christmas enthusiasts and for those who played the hardest game in the world or the easiest game in the world. Have a great time playing Hardest Game of Santa, and have a Happy Christmas!


Use the touch screen or SPACE.


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