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Since we know that Zombie Games is one of the most beloved categories of games we currently have on our website, we knew that we could not miss the opportunity of sharing with you all right now one of the latest such games we have discovered on the internet, a game that is entitled Zombie Smasher, and which we have really enjoyed playing ourselves, from beginning to end, just like we are highly positive that the same is going to apply to you as well. Now, like the title already suggests, your main goal is going to be to smash zombies so they don't eat you, and we teach you how and more about the game right here, so pay attention! You tap on the zombies when you see them in order to have them smashed. Watch out for the zombie dog, since it can change direction and speed. Missing three zombies or tapping and smashing a survivor costs you one life, and you only have three available, so be careful. There are zombies with special abilities, so take them out before they get to use them, and be on the lookout for any power-ups you might grab and could be useful, such as the meat, the lightning bolt, or the bomb. Good luck, and have lots of fun!


Use the mouse.


Zombie Smasher Walkthrough

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