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We created a Maths Games category for our website because we want to keep on bringing you awesome games in it, which is why right now you all get the opportunity of playing a brand new game from it, a game that is entitled Maths Challenge, and which we have no doubt at all that each and every one of you are going to enjoy a lot, since the same thing can clearly be said of our own experience with it, which was the main reason we wanted to bring it over. We now teach you more about the gameplay, so make sure tread this fully before you start playing! Start things off by choosing your mode, from the types of questions you want to solve: addition, multiplication, subtraction and division. Oh, there is also a mixed mode, where you get questions from all these four operations. You will get questions on the screen, and you have to pick from the available answers the one you think is correct. Think of the solution in your head, or solve it on a paper, and then decide. Good luck to all, and we are sure that when you finish playing this game, you will be better at this subject, no doubt about it!


Use the mouse.


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