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In the Voltron Legendary Defender Games category you will now get the chance to play Voltron Force Ultimate Victory, which is based on Voltron Force, a short-lived series from this franchise from 2011, and since it was not that known, we felt that the game can be included in this category. Here, with the robot lions and Voltron, you are going to have to defeat many enemies, and in the next part of the description you are going to be thought how to do all that. First, you are going to select one of the four levels which you can play, which all have different locations, and then you can choose the level of difficulty, having to choose from easy, medium and hard. You are going to move your robot using the arrow keys, you will fire the weapon using the space bar, with Z you will swap the special weapon, and fire it using the X key. Collect the orbs for special ammo, the lions to add a lion to the formation, gallery to unlock a gallery slot. In this game you will use your robot to fight off the enemies in your way, and you can do it with the lions, or, when available, with the full Voltron robot. Good luck!


Use the arrow keys, space bar, and Z, X keys.

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