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Well, it's time you play another new game from the Adventures in Babysitting Games category here on, a game which is called Lola Puzzle, and it is the first jigsaw puzzle game in the category to only feature Lola, one of the two main characters. She is played by Sofia Carson, and she is the character in the film that is on the rebellious side, and she is the one that took over the other girl's babyisitting job, after their phones were switched up. Well, we hope that you are going to enjoy solving this puzzle very much, and to make sure of this, the next part of the description is going to be dedicated to explaining how the puzzle is solved! When you start the game, the puzzle, which has 40 pieces, is going to be already solved, which is why you have to press the Mezclar button and have the pieces scattered all around the game screen, randomly, of course. With the mouse you are going to take each piece and put them together, until you have it completed, and it looks just like it did when you started the game. We wish you all good luck, and hope that you have the best time ever with our games!


Use the mouse.

Lola Puzzle Walkthrough

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