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Minecraft Games is without a doubt the most popular category of our website, so we are delighted that right now in it we get to share with each and every one of you the game called Craft Tetris, which is one of the latest Tetris games online our website has shared with you, and since games with this format have been well received in the past, we have no doubt at all that the combination of them with the world of Minecraft is going to result in an even better experience. Let us teach you what you have to do, and then you will have no problems at all in playing this game, guaranteed! The Tetris blocks are going to fall from the top of the screen, and your goal is to arrange them so that you form complete rows of blocks, horizontally, after which those blocks will be removed, and you will gain points in return. Keep eliminating blocks, because if they reach the top of the screen, you lose. Move them with the right and left arrows, change their position with the up key, and make them fall down faster with the down arrow key. Start now, only here, and have fun like only on our website is possible!


Use the arrows.


Craft Tetris Walkthrough

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