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It has been quite some time since we have last brought you any new Lego Games on our website, and even more so when it comes to Lego Batman Games, so we are quite happy that right now we offer you all the opportunity of playing Batman Lego Hidden Car Tires, which is one of the best hidden objects games this category has to offer, since instead of using the usual objects or spots, this game requires you to find hidden tires in not one, but five awesome images. You need to complete each level to advance to the next one, where a new image will be shown. The levels need to be completed before the time granted for that runs out, but you can remove the timer if you wish, by clicking the T button. For every tire you find and click on, 100 points are granted to you, but you lose 20 every time you click wrong. Be careful, because five wrong clicks mean you lose the game and have to start all over again. That is everything we had to tell you, so if you concentrate, we are sure you will do great! Don't hesitate to check out other cool games offered by our team, since we are sure you will love them!


Use the mouse.


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