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Surely you must be interested in playing even more of our Polly Pocket Games, so count on us being excited that right now we give you the chance of playing the game called Babysitter Polly, which is truly great, since babysitting games have not been added in this category before, meaning that a new and interesting experience awaits you right now, and we are sure that you will enjoy it a lot, just like we have had too. From this following part of the description you learn how the game works, so why not read it before you start playing? Since Polly needs to babysit a child, and you will help her with it, you will help her do all sorts of activities such as bathing the kid, dressing it up, feeding it, and, of course, playing it as well, since the child also needs entertainment. Well, for all these things, in order to do them properly, there will be arrows on the screen that show you where you have to click, so click here, and in no time at all you will have done all that was required of you, and will have had a great time babysitting with Polly as well!


Use the mouse.


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zuko and zuhaako 16.02.2019 10:51

love your games

zuhaako 16.02.2019 10:50

theese games are the best games in the world thank you for adding theese kind off games we love it and like it forever , we wont forget theese games thank you very much

zuhaako 16.02.2019 10:47

good games guys

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