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If you are fans of racing games, it is your lucky day, since right now we bring you all the game called Thief Vs Cop, which, at the same time, is also one of the newest police games our website has to offer everyone, so we are sure that it is going to make you very interested, and not just that, but we are also sure that you are going to have a blast with it, since we can say the same thing about our own experience with it! We will teach you what is there to know about it, so make sure to read this fully before you start playing, ok? Well, you will be the thief, with the cops being behind you, chasing. The goal that you have is to stay away from them as long as possible and get a big score in return for that. If you find gas on the road, make sure to collect it, since it helps you be faster. Move the car by clicking and holding the mouse and moving it in the direction that you want it to go, simple as that! The more you hold on, the bigger your score becomes, remember that! Good luck to all, and we hope you stick around and try out even more of the great games we have for you all!


Use the mouse.


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