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We are sure you missed playing The Powerpuff Girls Games on our website, which is exactly the reason why we are now offering you the game called Mech Mayhem, which is the most recent game to feature the characters from this reboot show of the classic Cartoon Network show, and in this game, the three girls will once again have to face Princess Morebucks, the spoiled girl by her father who can have everything, except what she really wants, and that is to also have super powers like the three girls. Well, in this game, she unleashed many robots upon the three girls, and you will have to help them defeat these robots, and we are now going to explain how you can do that. After school, the three girls went to the boxing ring of the school, where Princess Morebucks is sending all kinds of robots that look like her to attack the girls, and when they are in the right place, and you see an exclamation mark next to them, you have to click on that robot, and one of the girls, which is the closest, is going to attack. Sometimes, when multiple robots attack, the girls are going to use their powers together to defeat the robots. Get as many points and combos from taking out the robots, and have the best time ever by playing this great game!


Use the mouse.

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