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Surely our fans are up for playing more new Minecraft Games on our website, which is the reason why right now we are sharing with each and every one of you the game called Pixel Craft, a game with which we have had a tremendous time with, from start to finish, so we were positive that bringing it over for you to also play it was the right call to make, and we expect lots of you to give it a go right now, just like you should! It is a game that is inspired by the original Minecraft game, only this one can be played on your browser, and in it, you get to explore this whole wide pixelated world, and there you can build, craft, tear down things, and let your creativity explode. You move using the W, A, S, D keys, you use the mouse to collect blocks, or to put new ones, shift to run, and the spacebar to jump. First, collect blocks of different kinds, because afterward you can take them and put them together, creating new things, which is a process that is called crafting. Good luck to you, and we hope you stick around to check out the many other great games we have in store for you today!


Use the mouse, W, A, S, D keys, shift key and spacebar.


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bibi 20.06.2019 13:24

quero jogar logo :)))

gabi0706 20.06.2019 13:23


hoots 28.04.2019 20:51

i love it

Fnaf 12.03.2019 18:39


crc 17.02.2019 19:38

i love it

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