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We love it to be able to return to the Minecraft Games category, just like we are positive you are happy when we bring you new and interesting games in it, which is why right now you get the chance of playing Pixel Soldier Memory, one of the category's latest memory matching games, where the cards that you have to match with one another are going to show different pictures of a soldier taken from the world of Minecraft. Awesome, right? If you want to know how the game works, reading this article to the end will teach you all that you need to know. You start by choosing between the different levels of difficulty, and each one is going to have different numbers of cards for you to match. Click on two of the cards at a time to turn them over, and when the two cards you have selected and flipped have the same image, the two cards are going to remain visible, and when all of the cards are revealed on-screen, you will have won the game, simple as that! Start now, and let the fun begin at once, and we hope that you will enjoy this game just as much as we did, which was a lot!


Use the mouse.


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big chungus 11.04.2019 15:45

this game is amazing

Samuel 12.03.2019 23:54


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