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Since we know how popular the Minecraft Games category of our website is, as some might even say it is the most popular one we have here, we knew that right now we had to come and bring you all the newest game on the internet that is available for it, the game called Mini Craft, which we invite all to play, even if you don't usually play these games, since this one could serve as a great introduction to this world, and you will surely never want to come out of it. From this description, you will learn what you have to do, after which we invite you all to start playing the game at once! First, you should know the controls: you move using the W, A, S, D keys, the mouse to view left click to collect blocks of different kinds, and with the right click, you place blocks. You use the spacebar to jump, and if you want to hover, press the spacebar twice. Go around this Minecraft pixelated world, mine things, craft items, and use the blocks and resources you have available to build whatever it is you want to. Start now, enjoy, and make sure to stick around, since more great games are always a great idea!


Use the W, A, S, D keys, spacebar, mouse.


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gabriela 20.06.2019 14:06

oi galera tudo bom com voces??

mlklklk 14.03.2019 19:57


Minecraft 23.02.2019 17:45


Amelia 09.02.2019 17:26

It won't let me play

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