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Well, next on www.friv-games-today.com you will have the chance to play the most recent personal game that we have created specifically for our website, a game which is called Jamie's Got Tentacles Quiz, and which belongs to the category of games known as Jamie's Got Tentacles Games, which is based on an animated show currently airing on the POP network, in the United Kingdom, and if you are a fan, then you must be very happy that finally you get to play games based on it. Also, if you are a fan, then you are definitely going to enjoy this game and do a very good job, since you will answer questions about the show, and more about that you will find right now. You will have ten questions, and in each of them you will see an image of a chracter, and you have to choose the name of that character from one of the three options you have. Even if you are wrong, you advance to the next question either way, and for correct answers you get ten points, and at the end of the game you are going to be presented with your score. Pretty easy, right? Then, what are you waiting for? Start the game right now, and have fun!


Use the mouse to answer the questions.

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