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Since we have seen how much you enjoy playing My Little Pony Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks Games on our website, we figured that bringing you yet another such new game was a great idea, which is why right now we have the opportunity of inviting everyone to check out Rainbooms Repeat the Beat, which is a brand new game for this category, and one unlike anything else you played here in the pats, so missing out on it is really out of the question! Now, from this following part of the article you are going to learn what you have to do in the game, so make sure to read it beforehand! You will see before you the Equestria Girls, who have now formed the band Rainbooms, and all of them are playing a different instrument. You will see a sequence of the characters in a certain order, with them playing their instrument and having their color blink, and what you have to do is remember the order and then click on the characters in the exact same order yourself. If you do it correctly, a new sequence awaits you. Start the fun now, only here, and make sure to check out other cool games offered by us!


Use the mouse.


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